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Liz McComb Release

Author: Kevan Breitinger
Published: February 12, 2007
In Europe, Liz McComb has packed houses at such venerated venues such as the Olympia in Paris and the Montreux Jazz Festival.

She’s been compared to both Nina Simone and Mahalia Jackson. Perhaps, she

embodies the spirit of them, but there's no doubt that Liz McComb places her own distinctive stamp on whatever she sings. The New York Times' scribe Ben Ratliff has written, "McComb moves from smoothness to Pentecostal abandon." The Cleveland-bred, but Paris-based vocalist/ pianist has been wrecking concert halls all over Europe for the last twenty years.

Back in 2001, Crystal Rose Records released her self-titled American debut CD that was actually a compilation of her hit recordings in France. The tunes “Fire” and “What Happened to the Love” received some sporadic gospel radio airplay, although, her music doesn’t fit

into the modern-day gospel format. The project peaked at #31 on the Billboard gospel album sales chart. McComb’s music – like that of Clarence Fountain & the Blind Boys, the Fairfield Four or even Mavis Staples and the Holmes Brothers – is roots-based and teeters between

blues and Americana in a musical sense.

Now, at last, comes an American sophomore recording, “Soul, Peace and Love,” which will be released on GVE/Sunnyside Records on March 13, 2007. The new project is a soulful open letter to mankind that it’s time to unite in human brotherhood. This project is a world music

album in the literal sense. Her rendition of “When the Saints Come Marching In” features both an inner-city rapper and a New Orleans jazz band. “The Peacemakers” is backed by Parisian school children while “Remember Me” percolates with conga players from Guadeloupe.

Then, she spends a little time down south with Clarence Fountain & the Blind Boys on the dramatic “For Your Love is Better Than Wine.” It’s an eclectic global musical experience. For more information, log on at http://www.lizmccomb.com/ or http://www.sunnysiderecords.com/ .


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