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Liz McComb
Soul, Peace & Love Volume 1

Simply awesome! That’s what you can say about the latest project, Soul, Peace & Love Volume 1, by the famed Liz McComb.

The Cleveland, Ohio native has gained international distinction with her unique ability to fuse the traditional and contemporary styles with through the genres of blues, inspirational, gospel, jazz and soul. Residing in France, she remains a tour de force in that country.

CD The album opens with the soulful and contemporary mix on the traditional standard “Oh When The Saints.” It is the familiar classic we all know, but with a refreshing twist, with brassy trombone licks and gusty rap vocals by Tony Dorsey making it a true original. McComb offers “Oh When The Saints” as her personal tribute to the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans.

Much of the same fervor is echoed through “Can’t Nobody Know My Trouble,” “God Made A Miracle” and “You Ain’t Christian Enough.” All allow McComb’s traditional touch to be fueled by her passion of music dexterity.

“Peacemakers” is brilliant. Though simple in lyrical content, it stems from Jesus’ words in his ‘sermon from the mount’, aka the Beatitudes; “blessed are the peacemakers.” The song’s vocal elements and emotional vigor make its message tenacious and infectious.

In “Silver & Gold,” McComb showcases her impeccable jazz styling, her scat and bluesy sound reminiscent of jazz legends Nancy Wilson and Sarah Vaughn. Highlights of the number include the impressive cello talents of Melissa Hasin.

Other high points on Soul, Peace & Love are her collaboration pieces. “For Your Love Is Better Than Wine” features the Grammy-awarding winning Blind Boys of Alabama. Then, lending their talents on the “By The Rivers of Babylon” is the Dyapason Quartet. Both groups marry with McComb’s sultry tones to seemingly effortlessly make an astounding finished product.

Melissa Hasin on celloOn “The Rich Man,” McComb spotlights her multi-talents to take on another genre —blues. It sounds as if you had just walked into the opening act of a B.B. King concert. The down-home sounds are warm in this song that depicts the story of a rich man , asking ‘why gain material wealth and lose your soul?’

Traditional music fans will adore Soul, Peace & Love. It serves as a cornucopia of musical plenty with traditional favorites, blues, hip-hop, jazz and contemporary Gospel all being represented in one stirring project.

album release date: Aug, 2006

— reviewed by John Burton

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