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commentary by jamie lee rake
published 17 march 2007

Greg Hunter & Liz Mccomb - Liz Mc Comb Featuring Gregg Hunter: Gospel Concert Live In Paris
Maybe next time I'll cover some soul gospel by an act that's not a female soloist; but, this month, LIZ McCOMB's just too good for me not to hip you to her.
McCombs has flitted about the edges of commercial Afrimerican gospel, but it was probably never the most comfortable fit. If it's her fault, that's no bad thing. There may be no more inventive, intuitive, and judicious gospel singer since Marion Williams and Mahalia Jackson (some Mavis Staples and Gladys Knight could very well be in McComb's catalog of influences, also). Tastes wide enough to embrace traditional Golden Age black church stomping to a variety of jazz syles, hip-hop, country, neo-soul and chamber classical, not to mention the occasional secular love ballad, and recording it all on the same project, may have hindered her chances among some parishioners, too.
So, like a sanctified and singing Josephine Baker, McCombs is as well off in France. Or at least on a French label, where Soul, Peace & Love (Bonsai/EMI France) has been released. One hopes that her eclectic breadth and artfully elastic vocal versatility can bring McComb greater appreciation, despite the current U.S. radio environment for any of the numerous genres into which she slips in and out.
Meanwhile, you—from fundamentalists to atheists—have my endorsement that, at first listen, you'll fall in love with the impressive McComb. (learn more); (learn even more)

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