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  1. I told Jesus it would be alright if he changed my name (Liz Mc Comb) 04'34"
  2. Rock my soul (Trad./arr.Liz Mc Comb) 06'11"
  03.in the upper room (Trad./arr.Liz Mc Comb) 06'58"
  04. Travelling shoes (Trad./arr.Liz Mc Comb) 06'21"
  05.Soul say yes (Trad./arr.Liz Mc Comb) 04'36"
  06.At the cross (Trad./arr.Liz Mc Comb) 06'51"
  07.Motherless child (Trad./arr.Liz Mc Comb) 08'23"
  08.I don't know what I would do without the Lord (Trad./arr.Liz Mc Comb) 05'25"
  09.Humble Me (Trad./arr.Liz Mc Comb) 06'50"
  10. Every time I feel the spirit (Trad./arr.Liz Mc Comb) 05'10"
  11. Deep river / Steal away (Trad./arr.Liz Mc Comb) 08'10"


 DVD (Enregistré en l'Église Saint-Sulpice de Paris)



1. Precious Lord


2. Travelling Shoes


3. Twelve Gates to the City


4. Yes Jesus Loves Me


5. Come On Children


6. In The Upper Room


8. People Get Ready


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