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The first Gospel Music DVD Live

Live at the Olympia - Paris
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…Beyond the wealth of music included, this film is quite exceptional : this New Year's Day, Liz McComb gave two sold-out performances at the most celebrated concert space in Paris, the Olympia. That night, Liz McComb gave two standing-room only performances at the most celebrated concert space in Paris, the Olympia. That night, Liz Mc Comb turned it into a temple full of love, a concert hall charged with the same passionate desire of her ancestors for the equality of races. To state that this concert was an act of generosity would be an understatement, because Liz McComb's song is generosity itself. The concerts were free, reserved only for the unemployed, the homeless, the wretched of the earth, the most helpless of all her sisters and brothers.

Most of those present understood nothing of the words, which made the music that much more poignant. One senses a rare communion with an exceptional audience throughout this live recording, the "chosen few " truly participating, reacting immediately and not clapping against the beat the way audiences do in fancy churches.

The Olympia has suddenly become a church : for the first time the most famous of European concert halls vibrates to true gospel the way it is experienced every Sunday on the other side of the Atlantic.
Liz McComb interpreted I'm Just a Poor Wayfaring Stranger for all the immigrants in the world, followed by her famous Time Is Now : time comes to a standstill, and one wishes her singing would never end.
This film is the souvenir of an extraordinary concert that evokes a time when music was for countless human beings the only expression of life and liberty, sung in a way we would all like to sing.
This film, Liz McComb's first DVD, reveals to us her true personality : more than a great gospel singer, she is an extremist of love who dreams of sharing her nadveté with us.

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