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Rock My Soul

01. I told Jesus it would be alright if he changed my name (Liz Mc Comb)

02. Rock my soul (Trad./arr.Liz McComb)

03. in the upper room (Trad./arr.Liz McComb)

Chargement de la vidéo


04. Travelling Shoes (Trad./arr.Liz McComb)

Chargement de la vidéo


05. Soul say yes (Trad./arr.Liz McComb)

06. At the cross (Trad./arr.Liz McComb)

07. Motherless child (Trad./arr.Liz McComb)

08. I don't know what I would do without the Lord (Trad./arr.Liz McComb)

09. Humble Me (Trad./arr.Liz McComb)

10. Every time I feel the spirit (Trad./arr.Liz McComb)

11. Deep river / Steal away (Trad./arr.Liz McComb)