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THE DAILY NEWS ( Monday, September-27, 2004 )


Liz McComb fills Athens' Herod Atticus Odeon with sheer energy

Athens 27/9/2004 (ANA)

Athenians who made it to the Herod Atticus Odeon on Friday and Saturday were in for a real treat, having the chance to witness the high-powered performance of American gospel singer Liz McComb.

The open-air theatre seemed an appropriate venue, since it could not confine McComb's booming voice. But, it wasn't just her voice that flooded one's senses, it was also her piano-playing, her ability to project her voice without a microphone, and her soul that went into the performance.

The Reverend Harold T. Johnson on the church organ embellished the show's gospel sound, while the audience also got a taste of his smooth, melodic voice in a couple of solos.

Titus Williams on the bass guitar was amazing, while Larry Crocket on the drums and Armand Acheron on the tambour gwo-ka were addictive and had the audience stomping their feet in a brief jam session shortly before intermission.

The second half of the show included Vangelis Zografos on the double bass for a couple of songs which were more blues than gospel and Susan Helen Scott on the cello.

The audience was very receptive, clapping along without being asked, giving the Athens theatre the feel of a Baptist Church.

For the final part of the show, the Thessaloniki Choir accompanied McComb, but was unfortunately no match for her voice or skill.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, McComb currently lives in Paris. She began singing at a very young age at her community church and began writing her own songs at the age of 12. She has sung with the legendary Bessie Griffin, Luther Johnson Jr. and Koko Taylor, among others, and has also been an opening act for Ray Charles and James Brown.



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