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GOSPEL SYNERGY (Nov./Dec. 1999)

Paris, France, Liz Mc Comb grew up in Cleveland, Ohio where her mother, one of the few women ever promoted Pastor-priestess preached in front of a small Pentecostal community (Afro-American branch of Protestantism) in a simple ghetto warehouse. It's a particularly frenzied style of Gospel ; in fact the modern version of the old Negro Spirituals. With her superb, expressive, ample mezzo voice, Liz could have easily chosen a classical career. Like Mahalia Jackson, she dedicated her life to Gospel, thus bringing to light this musical treasure from the Afro-American churches into the European community. First member of the Jean Austin Singers, Liz was also one of the original members of the Roots of Rock'n'Roll group who toured throughout Europe.
Her European debut was a hit in Switzerland and Germany. At present, she is based in Paris where she is currently on tour in Europe.
In 1981, Liz sung at the International Festival of Montreux along with the legendary Bessie Griffin, Taj Mahal, the Mighty Clouds of Joy, Luther Johnson Jr., and Koko Taylor. The successive festivals along with her powerful stage presence assured her, the opening acts with Ray Charles and James Brown. Henceforth, her name appears in highlights in such prestigious places like : The Casino de Paris, Champs-Elysées Theater in Paris, Opéra de Lyon, and most recently at the Olympia in Paris where her free concerts for the homeless were recorded live and reproduced on her fifth album : Olympia 1998 Live.
Her recent album, Time is Now (Oct. 96) recorded in a Los Angeles studio won the distinguished Mahalia Jackson Prize. A highly esteemed award and honor Liz received from her peers.
Finally, the Best of Liz Mc Comb (Dec. 98) addresses the interim and fascinating moments of this " Love Extremist " who travels from continent to continent enchanting people everywhere with her jubilating Gospel music. One of the most generous aspects to overcome from the African-American culture, thanks to Liz.
The Jazz collection series of ARTE entitled The Gospel According to Liz Mc Comb (52 minutes), rightfully designates her as the heiress from a distinctive line of Gospel Queens.
Liz Mc Comb's phenomenal success classes her as the avant-garde singer contributing to the renaissance of Gospel Music throughout the European continent, and not short-lived ! Just listen to any one of Diva's five personnal albums, they are divine. After a review of liz Mc Combs " Time is Now " it is a blend of Jazz, R&B, Gospel mix. You can definitely hear Mahalia Jackson as well as Tina Turner. As a lover of all music, I really enjoyed her product. It is no wonder, Liz Mc Comb is ranked the #1 Gospel Artist in Europe. If you would like to know more about Liz you can check her website.

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